Yelisey Moroz

Professional translations of technical, financial, corporate and IT documentation from English to Russian and Ukrainian. Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services in Ukraine and abroad.

Translation for Industry

What I translate

Design documents, feasibility studies, manuals, reports, articles related to engineering, construction, mining, energy, environment, etc.

How it works

You have purchased a brand new rock crusher. Before using it, you first need to know how to operate it. You contact me and receive an idiomatic, faithful, and technically accurate translation of the crusher manual.

When I translate technical texts I always think about the expert who will read my translation. When necessary, I ask experts in various fields for advice regarding specific terms and concepts.

How much it costs

A one-page technical letter to a contractor can cost about USD 10. A 30-page progress report with tables and charts can cost about USD 250. A 40-page control valve manual with figures and drawings can cost up to USD 500.

Some recently translated documents

  • Clamshell loader manual
  • Report on the use of bucket excavators in open cast mining
  • Feasibility study for the construction of high-voltage power lines
  • Article on ballast water treatment
  • Article on industrial air cooling and treatment
  • Technical specifications for underground railway construction
  • Request for geological data