Yelisey Moroz

Professional translations of technical, financial, corporate and IT documentation from English to Russian and Ukrainian. Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services in Ukraine and abroad.

Website Localization

Website localization involves many challenges, from copywriting and transcreation to translation of service messages and search engine optimization.

What I translate

Websites of all types, online business cards, landing pages, online stores, professional platforms.

How it works

You have created a wonderful online store that sells exquisite diamond jewelry. Originally, the language of the website was English but after a couple of months you found out that 20% of orders were coming from Ukraine, so you decided to create a Ukrainian version of your website in order to further increase sales in this region.

You contact me and I create a Ukrainian version of your website with the help of your team of developers. You only need to observe how the number of orders from Ukraine steadily grows.

If you have a site administrator, I will quickly find common ground with him or her. If you don’t have one, I can engage one of my web developing partners who work with a variety of CMS. Together we will create a fully functional version of your website in a different language.

How much it costs

  • Localization of a small 5-page website can cost USD 100, a large site with lots of content can cost more than USD 500
  • Localization of individual website elements starts at USD 20
  • Transcreation of your marketing content can start at USD 30 per article

Some of my projects

  • Full localization of a photography community website
  • Localization of a booking form on a boutique hotel website
  • Localization of a small website for a web designer
  • Transcreation of articles on a company’s website