Yelisey Moroz

Professional translations of technical, financial, corporate and IT documentation from English to Russian and Ukrainian. Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services in Ukraine and abroad.

Software Localization

Software localization involves the recreation of a software interface in another language and translation of any reference materials needed to use it effectively.

What I translate

Interfaces, manuals, help files, instructions, guidelines.

How it works

A new version of your equipment control software needs to be translated into Russian so that a new customer can use it properly.

You contact me and I translate the interface, reference materials and everything that may be required.

Software localization often requires direct collaboration with the client. If the translation cannot be implemented due to technical restrictions you can create a step by step guide for employees so that they can easily use the software.

How much it costs

  • Localization of specialized software can cost USD 200–300
  • Manual creation can cost around USD 100
  • Testing the translated software can start at USD 30

Some of my projects

  • Localization of control software for a servo drive
  • Creation of a manual for project management software
  • Localization of a hotel management system