Yelisey Moroz

Professional translations of technical, financial, corporate and IT documentation from English to Russian and Ukrainian. Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services in Ukraine and abroad.


Websites, mobile applications, interfaces

How can I help you?

You are a software, website or mobile app developer who focuses on English-speaking countries. As time goes by, the number of Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking users of your product grows and you start receiving complaints about the lack of Russian and Ukrainian versions of your product.

At this point you have two possible courses of action. The first one is to go to a large multi-language service provider; the second one is to contact a person like me. The first way is quite reasonable when you have an array of languages in which you want to localize your product. It might seem that you can just send the project to an agency and enjoy peace of mind. But it is not all that simple.

What is special about localization?

Localization is something more than merely a translation. It has to meet a whole set of technical requirements. Moreover, some text strings are simply untranslatable without additional context, and translation from English to Russian or Ukrainian can involve a lot of challenges with cases and word forms. For example, the word ‘Download’ can be translated in three different ways depending on whether it is a button caption, a call to action, or an information window title.

When you work with a large language service provider your communication with a translator may not be as smooth as you would wish it to be because of a long chain of intermediaries. If your team is young and motivated you also need a young and motivated tech-savvy translator like me, who uses dozens of mobile apps and visits dozens of websites every day.

Localization quality

Rest assured that all your quality requirements will be met because direct communication with the translator is the best way to achieve high-quality localization. I believe that the success of my clients is my personal success. If some work needs to be done on weekends or holidays or within a tight deadline, I am always ready to accommodate. Moreover, you can be sure that the translation will not be overpriced and the cost will not include any unjustified margins.

How much will it cost and how long will it take?

Localization is not mass production but piece work. It is only possible to find out how long the project will take and how much it will cost when you see the product and have a clear idea of the client’s requirements. Please contact me and together we will work out a solution that is mutually acceptable.

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