Yelisey Moroz

Professional translations of technical, financial, corporate and IT documentation from English to Russian and Ukrainian. Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services in Ukraine and abroad.


Interpreting at meetings, negotiations, and conferences

How can I help you?

Do you want to attend an event in English, receive foreign guests or organize a conference? Or do you just need someone who will take your guests on a tour around the city? I provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services in English, Russian, and Ukrainian. My current location is Lviv, Ukraine but I can travel to any other city in Ukraine and abroad.

Types of interpreting

During consecutive interpreting, the speaker pauses after each sentence or idea and lets the interpreter convey the meaning of what was said. This type of interpreting is commonly used during business meetings and negotiations. Simultaneous interpreting does not interrupt the speaker. It requires certain equipment and is most often used during conferences. A subtype of simultaneous interpreting is whispering. The translator literally whispers the translation to the client without disturbing the other members of the meeting. It is used when there is only one person that requires interpreting.

Interpreting quality

If you choose to work with me, you can be assured that your event will be of the highest standard. I believe that the success of my clients is my personal success. If some work needs to be done on weekends or holidays or within a tight deadline, I am always ready to accommodate. I am sure that we will find common ground in any matter. As I always try to optimize interpreting-related costs, you can be sure that the interpreting will not be overpriced and the cost will not include any unjustified margins.

Interpreting costs

The cost of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting is calculated on a half-day or full-day basis. It depends on the type of event, number of working hours, subject matter, working conditions, and many other factors. Please contact me and together we will work out a budget that is mutually acceptable.

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